ICONOLAB Renewal Oil


Q:  What’s the best way to apply ICONOLAB’s Renewal face oil?

 A:    You can choose to apply the oil morning and/or at night. Before you apply, cleanse the face, pat dry and

      apply at least 2-3 drops to face and neck. You can then apply any treatment face and/or eye creams.


Q:  Do I always have to use 2-3 drops of the face oil? Can I use more or less?

 A:   Feel free to adjust the amount of oil according to your skin and your climate and/or season.


Q:  Will the face oil work in combination with my other face and/or eye creams?

 A: Yes, as a matter of fact the oil improves the absorption of treatment creams ie. retinols or other face creams.

      Simply apply the oil first and follow with any creams or sunscreens.


Q:  Does ICONOLAB’s Renewal face oil contain sunscreen?

 A: No it does not, so be sure to apply a sunscreen after using Renewal.


Q:  Are there any parabens, silicones, or preservatives in the Renewal face oil?

 A: Absolutely not.


Q:  Are ICONOLAB products tested on animals.

 A: Absolutely not! We are supporters in the ethical and loving treatment of animals.


Q:  I’m prone to breakouts, I’m worried that Renewal face oil will make me break out.

 A:  Every single one of the oils in Renewal face oil are non-comedogenic (not acne-causing).