My actresses adore it.

It has potent oils that really perform,

and the scent is divine.

Sian Grigg

OSCAR – nominated Makeup Artist




Just about every time I do makeup for an actress,

they steal a bottle. Everyone loves it.

Heba Thorisdottir

Film and Red Carpet Makeup Artist


I’ve been using ICONLAB Renewal for over two years. My skin literally glows and feels like silk every time I apply it. I don’t breakout anymore and you can definitely see that it minimizes the signs of aging. And it smells divine!!! Your face feels like it’s been kissed with fresh roses

Tasleem Visram


My favorite face oil by far! So light, with an amazing scent. I can it use under my makeup daily without breaking out. I wish I could use all over my body! (seriously)

Denise Verhoeven


There are very few products that don’t irritate my skin. ICONOLAB Renewal works so wonderfully with my skin that I use it twice a day instead of my moisturizer. My skin now has a beautiful glow.

Kristin Stern

I love this rose Renewal oil. I like to massage it into skin pre-makeup to get a gorgeous glow on the skin, thus applying less makeup.

Mary Wiles

Celebrity Red Carpet Makeup Artist


Patients often ask me for product recommendations which are clean and paraben/fragrance/preservative free. ICONOLAB Renewal is the perfect suggestion.

It’s a calming and hydrating elegant product which improves skin tone and texture.

Angelyn England P.A.- C  Dermatology


I have used multiple skin care products for my face.  Once I hit 40 I found that my skin had changed and was VERY sensitive. I suffered from breakouts - something that I had never experienced in my life!  I came across ICONOLAB Renewal Oil and noticed a difference immediately. Even though I was happy with it, I made the classic error of wanting to try other brands such as Darphin and Caudalie. None of them felt the same. They seemed heavier and I started to notice bumps on my skin. Since then, I have returned to ICONOLAB Renewal Oil and will NEVER turn back.

Tyna Maerzke


ICONOLAB Renewal has replaced my nighttime moisturizer. Cream based moisturizers don’t even come close to holding the hydration in my skin the way that Renewal does.

Suzanne Grey



The day after the first night I used ICONOLAB Renewal I already saw a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. It looked hydrated and plump. Some of my skin care products have come and gone, this won't be one of them.

Chloe Williamson